Feedback and Changes Form

Below you will find a Feedback and changes form. To the right are the changes that we have received that are in the queue to be actioned and below is a list of changes that have been completed.

Feedback and Change Form

Here is the form, please fill it out and we will action as soon as possible.


Changes to Be Actioned

Here is the list of Changes that we have recieved to be actioned.

  • Add Event Page and Configure Plugin
  • Change Building icons to photos representing each category – Awaiting Ideas –
  • New section under main Banner, 2 Sentance AILE Vision – Awaiting Text –
Changes Actioned

Here are the last 5 changes that have been actioned for your site. For a full list please click the below link.

  • Remove the additional Page for Gabbys Bio
  • Remove Directors from Front Page
  • Move Menu Items to below Banner/Logo
  • Change Menu Items to one word
  • Add Connect on Linked In for Ash and Georgina
  • Change Pictures on Our Programs Page
  • One Main slide with Where Leaders + Entrepreneurs take flight
  • Add Connect with Us on the Home page in place of meet our directors