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The above video is for the simple products, a simple product is a product that doesnt have a variation, for example a tea might be a variable product as there might be multiple sizes and multiple prices.

In that video there was only simple products listed. I have since updated the spreadsheet to include the variable products as well so that its easy for you and you don’t have to flick between spreadsheets.

Product Title – The Title that you want to appear on the product

Description – The description of the product, please ensure it is a detailed as possible and describes everything including ingredients and possible uses.

Main Photo Code – Please change the title of the photo you would like to be the main representative photo for the product and include a code that makes it unique and identifiable.

Additional Photos code – Often there will be additional photos of products, whether this is an ingredients list, or a different angle or the product being used. Please also title these with individual codes so that they are identifiable.

SKU – The product identifier code, for a book this might be the ISBN, it might be the barcode or it might be something that you use inside your shop to identify each product individually.

Regular Price – This is the price that the product sells for normally

Sale Price – This is the price that the product sells for on special if its on special at the moment, normally this field is left blank if not on special or clearance.

Simple/Variable – Is this a simple or a variable product, a variable product has variations, it could be a weight, colour, or size variation.

Variation Number – This is the identifier number of the variation of the product

Variation Type – This is the Variation type, so is it a weight variation, a colour variation etc.

Variation Information – This is the differentiator, so if the previous cell was weight this might be 50Grams, or 1KG

Variation Price – This is the price of that particular variation

Variation Images – The titles of the variation images if applicable.

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