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A Problem Leads To A Solution
Our ClientsWe know you are passionate about what you do and don’t want to worry about the “tech” side of your site. That’s why we look after everything which allows you to focus on the most important thing to you, keeping your customers happy. We promise the following – A 4 Week GuaranteeClient PortalOngoing Support4 Week GuaranteeWe Promise that your website will be live within 4 weeks from receiving your payment and all the information we request.Client PortalYou will receive your own client portal, this is where you will be able to see the progress of your site build as well as contact us, find your invoices and much more.Ongoing SupportWe will give you the ongoing support you need and deserve, from keeping your site up to date and secure as well as sending you hints and tips.How did this come about?Hi my name is Ben, that’s me over there.I started the website division of Wayfarer Publishing and Media after talking to a business owner friend. We were having breakfast and they were complaining about their website and the problems they were having.The biggest problem was it was still being built. 13 months after they had signed the contract and paid for it. The list of gripes with their company was as long as their arm. Nothing seemed to work or took weeks to change. They spoke to a different person every time they phoned, who didn’t know what the previous person knew.I was shocked that they had been messed around for so long and where having so many problems from a large company that had promised so much, yet delivered so little. After asking around it turned out it’s quite common.StaffHere’s a quick word for our staff.Our staff are like our family, no not that dysfunctional family that you no longer talk to. But the kind of family you want to hang around. We all focus on the same thing, making our customers the happiest out there, as well as building each other up.

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